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Our Work

Rework the Bay Aims to Advance Collective Solutions That Increase:

1: The Number of Quality, Empowered Jobs in our Region with Pay and Say


Compensation that goes beyond meeting basic needs to enable economic security, including family-sustaining wages, health care, paid sick leave, paid family leave and the opportunity to put money aside for unexpected challenges and retirement.


People having agency over what happens at work and how they work, not just what they get from working. It ensures that work is stable, offers dignity and predictable work schedules, and is healthy and safe.

2: Equitable access to those jobs

This includes the ability to locate and apply for quality jobs, access to the skills and education needed to compete for those jobs, freedom from discrimination in hiring and advancement, and inclusive company cultures.

3: Affordable, Accessible support systems

Expanding availability of support systems, which are necessary for people to keep their jobs and stay in the region, include transportation, child care, food security and stable housing.


We bring together leaders in economic justice, education and training, business, and philanthropy to advance collective solutions for a diverse and equitable Bay Area. This work takes three primary forms:

Systems Change Projects Funder Learning & Collaboration Equity at Work Council

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Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

An inclusive Bay Area starts with an inclusive recovery. Together, we can win shared prosperity in our region.

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