Photo courtesy of California Domestic Workers Coalition, a ReWork the Bay partner.


ReWork the Bay envisions an equitable Bay Area where everyone has access to quality, empowered  jobs that allow them to benefit from and shape the region’s growing economy. We believe it should be possible for everyone to live full lives with security, dignity and agency in our work, home and communities.

To increase the number of people in the Bay Area who have quality, empowered employment. Quality, empowered employment offers the pay and benefits necessary for people to thrive in the Bay Area, and have a meaningful say in their work and working conditions.

ReWork the Bay partners with leaders and organizations who share our core values:

Urgency: The time is now to move beyond applying band-aids to tackling systemic issues that continue to push working people and communities of color out of our region and economy; that often means taking greater risk.

Racial Equity: Any solution that advances economic mobility must prioritize closing equity gaps across race, so that people’s life prospects are no longer predictable based on their race or ethnicity.

Centering Workers: To create a thriving region that works for all, the solutions we advance must center the needs, voices and ideas of workers; there is no other way to adequately attend to the complexity of working peoples’ lives.

Collective Solutions: Authentic relationships that lead to meaningful, generative collaboration are critical for the Bay Area to be a diverse and equitable place where all people can live and thrive.



The Bay Area’s diversity fuels its culture, economy, and identity. All of us in the Bay Area are impacted as our region becomes more homogeneous, inequitable and polarized.

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Our People

ReWork the Bay brings together systems leaders, economic justice advocates, education training providers, business leaders and funders to take bold, urgent action to create a prosperous Bay Area for all, especially working people.

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